About Us


ADA Manufacturing Corporation (ADAMCO) is a 100-percent Filipino owned company engaged in manufacturing and distributing agricultural equipment. It is part of the Ropali Group of Companies, which has a presence in banking, real estate and the motorcycle industry. ADAMCO began its business by manufacturing hand tractors in the 1970s as part of Ropali Trading until it was spun-off as an independent company on February 8, 1999. In 2010, the demand for rice combine harvesting equipment spurred a boom in the acceptance of modern agricultural technology in the Philippines, an event which led to the nationwide expansion of ADAMCO.


We shall be the leading agribusiness company committed to building value chain communities from the point of production to the point of consumption.


For our customers:

We commit to uplift the lives of Filipinos by providing agribusiness opportunities through access to the most advanced technologies, capital and markets.

For our employees:

We will invest in the best people and maximize their full potential as they grow with the company.

For our country:

We will contribute to the economic growth of the country through the advancement of the agricultural sector.

For our stock-holders:

We will ensure superior returns to our shareholders through our effective leadership and management processes.


PASSION: A compelling enthusiasm to achieve organizational goals

LOYALTY:  Faithfulness to the mission, vision, and values of the organization 

INTEGRITY:  The conviction to do what is morally right without exception. 

MALASAKIT:   Compassion, caring, concern, accountability, ownership, and putting one's interest behind others all rolled into one, and then some.

PROFESSIONALISM:  The unwavering pursuit of excellence.

INNOVATION:  The boldness to challenge the status quo and continuously seek better solutions